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Progress in GaN MOSFET Technology
GaN MOS capacitors were characterized to optimize the electric properties of SiO2/GaN interface. With optimized anneal conditions, an interface state density of 3.8×1010/cm2-eV was estimated at 0.19 eV near the conduction band and decreases deeper into the band gap. Enhancement-mode GaN MOSFETs were experimentally demonstrated on both p and n GaN epilayer with record high field-effect mobility of 167 cm2/V-s. Lateral RESURF-type GaN MOSFETs exhibit non-destructive high voltage (up to 940V) blocking capabilities. Other characterization including mobility orientation dependence, MOS-gated Hall mobility, current collapse and an NMOS inverter utilizing E/D mode GaN MOSFETs have also been experimentally demonstrated.
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