GaN Semi-insulating

Model NO.:intanetcms000060
GaN Semi-insulating

2" Gallium Nitride Epitaxy on Sapphire Templates
Item PAM-50-GaN-T-SI
Conduction Type Semi-insulating 
Dopant Fe doped
Size 2"(50mm) dia.
Thickness 30um,90um
Orientation C-axis(0001)+/-1O
Resistivity(300K) >1x106Ω·cm
Dislocation Density <1x108cm-2
Substrate Structure  GaN on Sapphire(0001)
Surface Finish Single or Double Side Polished,epi-ready
Usable Area  ≥ 90 % 


3"GaN Templates Epitaxy on Sapphire Substrates

Item PAM-50-GaN-T-SI
Conduction Type Semi-insulating
Dopant Fe Doped
Exclusion Zone:  5mm from outer diameter
Thickness: 20um,30um,90um(20um is the best)
Dislocation density  < 1x108cm-2
Sheet resistance (300K):  >1010
Substrate:  sapphire
Orientation :  C-plane
Sapphire thickness:  430um
Polishing:  Single side Polished,epi-ready, with atomic steps.
Backside coating: high quality Titanium coating, thickness > 0.4 μm
Packing:  Individually packed under argon Atmosphere vacuum sealed in class 100 clean room.



1)High quality monolayer of aluminum gallium nitride (AlxGa1-xN) epitaxial films with different aluminum component,on the sapphire substrate,the InGaN thickness: 0.25-3um,aluminum component x = 0-100%
2)Simplex n-type a high alumina AlGaN material,on a sapphire substrate,resistivity uniformity is more than 99%, and the sheet resistance is < 120
3)Multilayer AlGaN heterojunction epitaxial films, dimensional electron gas mobility ≥ 1000cm2/Vs and surface density≥ 1.0x10^13cm-2