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MOVPE growth of semipolar III-nitride semiconductors on CVD graphene




Use of AlN nucleation layers to enable growth of III-nitrides on graphene.

Comprehensive investigation of growth parameter space for MOVPE growth of AlN, GaN, AlGaN alloys and InN on CVD graphene.

Demonstration of semipolar-oriented III-nitride layers on graphene.


We report the growth and characterization of group III-nitride semiconductor layers on graphene grown by chemical vapour deposition. GaN, AlGaN alloys, and InN layers are grown using an AlN nucleation and a buffer layer. We investigate the effect of varying growth temperature and V/III ratio and show that under optimized growth conditions preferentially semipolar View the MathML source oriented nitride layers can be obtained. These layers, though polycrystalline, are highly oriented and show strong room temperature photoluminescence, thus showing graphene to be a novel substrate for the growth of III-nitride materials.


  • A3. Low pressure metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
  • B1. Graphene
  • B1. Nitrides
  • B2. Semiconducting III–V materials


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